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zac clifton

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Zac Clifton is a 20-year-old Traditional Country singer/songwriter. He started singing when he was nine and started playing the guitar and writing songs at age 12. After seeing Randy Travis and then George Jones in concert at age nine, Zac fell in love with traditional Country songs and knew that he wanted to sing traditional Country music.

He attended a Merle Haggard concert at 13 and was invited on Merle’s bus to meet and sing for him. He was blessed to open for Merle several times following their meeting. This was a great turning point for him, enabling him to meet many Country legends. Kris Kristofferson compared Zac’s singing and songwriting to that of a "young Hank Williams".

"Honky Tonk Heaven" is Zac’s first album and was produced by Grammy-winning musician / producer / arranger Bobby Flores in San Antonio. It includes ten songs written by Zac and one that he co-wrote with his good friend, Matt Engelhardt. Zac believes that by recording this album, he is carrying the torch that keeps Traditional Country Music alive. O
nce you hear this young man, you will certainly agree.


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nathan colt young


Nathan Colt Young was born on November 28, 1990 and was raised in the small community of Delhi, TX 50 miles southeast of Austin, Texas. Being raised in the country, Nathan has always had a love for country music from classic, traditional, modern, outlaw movement to Texas/Red Dirt which is what he likes to sing the most by just "Keepin It Country". At a very young age Nathan loved to make people laugh, smile and entertain with his singing and dancing throughput his childhood. At the age of 9 he began taking piano lessons, during high school he played the saxophone and during college he decided to learn to play the guitar. Many artists have influenced and inspired him in music and songwriting over the years: 
George Strait, Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, Chris Ledoux, Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard.
During the last 10 years, Nathan has performed in various places in Texas, from Houston, to Luckenbach all the way to Terlingua and has opened for numerous headliners and to name a few are: Rick Trevino, Johnny Rodriguez, Moe Bandy, Ray Wylie Hubbard and Kevin Fowler

His new EP “Texas Queen” will be releasing soon on Spotify, ITunes and Apple Music 

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